Living Organic Super Soil Mix Mediums

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Welcome to Mixasoil

After years of experimenting, we are finally bringing our product to the public! We saw a space in market where there needed to be quality super soil, especially for cannabis growers.  We are so excited and convinced that you will love our soil and soil mix kits that we have a satisfaction guaranteed policy!

Go ahead, be the judge and benefit from the results of using Mixasoil Super soils and Super soil kits! You won't regret it!

Why We Are Different

Mixasoil is a Super Soil growing Medium based on years of experience, trial and error, and Modified for EXCELLENT AROMA, FLAVOR, and HARVEST RESULTS!!

This is a High Quality, Nutrient Rich Super Soil Mix made with Our own Mix Kits, with over 22 ingredients. The Difference is we do all the work, the mixing, turning, and aging until the soil is ready for planting. All you need to do is fill planters with Mixasoil, plant, water and just enjoy the results.

No need for layering or any other additives for a full season of growing with our Super Soils.

Perhaps you don't feel like doing the work or waiting all the time to mix and age the medium, or you do not have the space to make your medium.This is the Perfect product for you!



Lower Pricing for local pick up.

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